How to Reciprocal Links Strategy

If someone requests to “trade links” with you, they’re essentially saying “If you put my website link on your site, I’ll put your link on mine.” This is also called “reciprocal linking".

Here are some tips:

  • Keep your reciprocal links to a small percentage of overall links coming to your site. If you currently have 100 links pointing to your site, make sure that only around 10 or less of those are reciprocal.
  • Keep any reciprocal linking strategy on-topic. Don’t link just for the sake of linking, make sure that whomever you decide to trade links with that their site is on a related topic that would be beneficial to your site visitors.
  • Be sure the site you want to trade links with has some kind of PageRank.
  • Don’t start off your linking strategy by trading links with other sites.
  • If you do find a site you’d be willing to trade links with, look first to see if they have a spot where you can submit your site first. If so, see where your link will be located. If you link will be listed on a page that houses dozens of other links or worse still, is a page called “links”, you’d do your site well by looking for another site to trade links with. Oftentimes pages labeled “links” or pages that consist of dozens of links don’t fare well in the search engines and thus won’t do you much good.

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