Keyword Density Optimization

I am one of those concerned with keyword density. Keyword density in other words that the more often the search engine could find a search term in your content, the more it would imply that your page is Relevant and thus should be ranked higher. But, Too much repetition will be considered as spam keywords.

How to Calculation Keyword Density?

Search engine optimization/SEO always put emphasis on Keywords. Make sure that your density is satisfying for your specific search term. Example, we'll assume that I want to check the keyword density of my page title "SEO Writing Keyword and Search Engine" for the search term "SEO Writing".

  • Make a Google search of your keyword term, let's say "SEO Writing".
  • Write down all the 10 page titles.
  • Count how many words in your page title. In our case 5 words.
  • Count how many times you use your keyword. In our case 1 time.
  • Do the same for each page title of your top 10 competitors. The count varies from 2-12 words.
So what do we get from the numbers:
If we make the ration of our keyword and page title length, the keyword density for our search term is:
* Keyword Density: 40
* Density: 20 and 100 and 40 and 50%
The next step is to compare your competitors' ratios and yours. If your density is lower than your competition, you should consider removing some text to increase your keyword density or the search engine may not consider your page as sufficiently relevant. If your density is within the range, you are doing a good job.

Note: if you want to check the keyword density can try on

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