SEO for Google, Change?

After the operator of the search engine Google the end of last year, a completely redesigned version of its `SEO Starter Guide'Have published, this is finally now available in German. The over 30-page `GuideIntroduction to Search Engine Optimization'(10 MB) is to help website operators, their sites better Search Engines to be indexed. The following is a list of recommended best practices from Google on the various topics and the possibility of the guide for free download as PDF ...

SEO Basics


Uses individual and appropriate title

    * Describes the content of the page accurately
    * Uses a unique title tag for each page
    * Use short but descriptive titles

Use the meta tag "description"

    * Summarizes the content of this page exactly together
    * Uses a unique description for each page

Site structure to improve

Improved the structure of your URLs

    * Used words in the URLs
    * Uses a simple directory structure
    * Used only one version of a URL

Designed to navigate your site easily

    * Does the navigation based on the home page
    * Is your website with "breadcrumbs" navigation user-friendly
    * Enables the removal of part of the URL
    * Used primarily for navigation
    * Uses a HTML sitemap page and an XML Sitemap file
    * Uses a helpful 404-page

Content optimization

Provides high-quality content and related services

    * Writes text, which can be easily read
    * Organized according to themes
    * Generates new and unique content
    * Mainly generated content for your users, not for search engines

Write better anchor text

    * Selected text with significance
    * Writes coherent text
    * Choosing a format that emphasizes the anchor text
    * Makes you even worry about anchor text for internal links.

Optimizes the use of images

    * Uses short, but expressive file name and old texts
    * Returns Alt-Text when using images as links
    * Photos uses a site map file

Use heading tags correctly

    * Imagine you write an overview
    * Uses headings reserved

Handling of crawlers

Robots.txt files is a correctly

    * Restricts the crawl, where necessary, with robots.txt
    * Uses a secure method for sensitive data

Make yourself familiar with rel = "nofollow" for links

    * Fight spam with "nofollow"
    * Use "nofollow" automatically for comments and forums

SEO for Mobile Devices

Google information on mobile websites

    * Check if your mobile site has been indexed by Google
    * Checks to see whether Google can detect your mobile URLs

The right way for mobile users

    * Mobile users to forward the correct version
    * Content using switch the user agent

Promotion and analysis

Recruit right for your site

    * Be aware of social media sites
    * Directed you to those communities that have similar interests
    * Learn to make announcements about blogs and you develop a name online

Uses the free webmaster tools

    * Optimized crawling using Google Webmaster Tools
    * Analysis by Google Analytics and Website Optimizer

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